Jet-Tronics GmbH

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***All Jet-Tronics products capable of high voltage up to 9V***

The proven Fuel Valves for turbines from 20 to 200N thrust.

The valve is suitable for…

Jet-Tronics Fuel Valve

The proven Gas Valves for turbines from 20 to 200N thrust.

The Jet-Tronics Gas Valve is…

Jet-Tronics Gas Valve

The Jet-Tronics Smoke Valve is suitable for switching smoke oils directly…

Jet-Tronics Smoke Valve

The Jet-Tronics Micro Valve is functionally identical with the Jet-Tronics Single Valve / M-Valve…

Jet-Tronics Micro Valve

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Used jet models and more…

Used Jet Models

Jet Tronics Fleece jackets, caps, Polo-shirts,softshell jackets …

Jet-Tronics jackets

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This single valve is attached directly to the receiver to control undercarriages


Jet-Tronics Single Valve

This ultra-light Jet-Tronics Double-Valve switches double action pneumatic cylinders. It has a speed control...

Jet-Tronics Double Valve

"Jet-Tronics Doublevalve High Flow" is a compact and light special valve with high air throughput matching…


Double Valve High Flow

Jet-Tronics Brakevalve does not consume air while braking proportionally. A big advantage...

Jet-Tronics Brake Valve

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The Jet-Tronics Door-Sequencer just needs one function to control one gear servo and three ….

Jet-Tronics Door Sequencer

Pneumatic accessory list, ultimate air trap, air filter….


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